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Social Media Content Marketing Enthusiast

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Denver, CO
Date Posted: January 23rd, 2014

Social marketing means creating a social presence and using that social presence to drive conversions. Are you passionate about using your social media skills to drive positive results? Do you have ad tech experience? If so, we have a great opportunity for you!

Frankly Communications is seeking a part-time Social Media Content Marketing Enthusiast (contractor/freelance position). The qualified candidate will be responsible for managing and delivering all social activities for an ad tech company in addition to being an “intel” lead for internal and external communications. The successful new hire will own social media and pieces of content marketing (i.e., blog posts) for our ad tech client, and will also be accountable for positive results.

We guarantee that this is not a mind-numbing experience. You would join a team of Rockstars in the ad tech industry, as well as to learn from the great PR minds at Frankly Communications. Boom!

The Core Responsibilities:

Managing and building a stronger presence using social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, G+,YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr and more to come!
Execution of all social media activities
Be the “voice” – we want you to be yourself, but you’re also representing forward–thinking ad tech pros with loads of personality!
Drilling down. Precise messaging. We want you to strategically create content that generates leads and with positive results, of course.
Engage. Are you sick of that word yet? We’re not. It’s vital to communicate with the client’s target audiences. We need you to think outside the box when sharing content, and when creating unique campaigns.
Be an early adopter (hence, be proactive!). Understanding the evolving world of SEO – tactics and how it aligns with our client’s strategies. Know why and how it affects the overall end results.
Stay organized. Work with social media platforms to stay organized and detailed in order to provide intel reports to the agency and our client. We use platforms like Right Intel, Hootsuite, Pardot and Sprout Social.
Know your stuff. You are an industry analyst. Your ad tech experience will come in handy when you contribute with writing short blog posts weekly, sharing content across the web, or commenting on a published article.

DO YOU THINK YOU’RE A GOOD FIT? If your response is “YES!” to seven or more of the questions/statements below, then you’re one step closer to becoming our SMCM Rockstar!

Can you work independently and self-motivated?
Are you thorough and organized?
Are you a team player?
Do you honestly grasp social media culture across all networks?
Do you work hard, play hard and want to be part of a fun, growing company?
Do you like writing about ad tech and you’re actually good at it?
Do you want to work in a fast-paced environment?
Are you more likely to be more motivated by constant reassurance from others? We hope you say no.
Do you understand the fundamentals of a successful PR and a marketing campaign?
Do you want quick success? We prefer you say no, but tell us why you would say yes.
Do you strive to deliver the best results? All of course with a giant grin and a slice of humble pie.
Do you take things personally? (HINT: Just Say NO!)
Are you a big shot with a big ego? If so, you’re probably not a good fit.
If you don’t consider yourself to be a big shot, but think you’re smart, creative, fun and willing to go the extra few miles then you’re probably going to work well with us.

We can read your mind. You’re probably thinking this is the longest job posting for a part-time position, but you must understand, we’re picky selective. If you’re still intrigued and want to learn more, please continue…


See above. Did you have an enthusiastically “YES!” response to seven or more of the questions?
Know digital advertising. If you don’t know what eCPM, SSP or RTB mean, please, this is position is not for you.
Be an exceptional copywriter. I think we mentioned that you MUST know the ad tech industry.
Have a degree in marketing, PR, and/or journalism, or be a current student that is not only motivated, committed (time and responsibilities), but also willing to learn, grow and excel.
Experience in a corporate environment, or agency (former intern experience is fine with us as long as you got something out of it).
B2B experience.
Have examples of your proven success using a variety of social media networks.
Be willing to work onsite (Downtown Denver) at least twice a week. We’re cool with you working from home otherwise. We know you’re a contractor/freelance pro but we want you to be part of the team too!
Be willing to work on a long-term contract basis, which means you have your own equipment (e.g., working phone and computer) to get the job done.

Touchdown! You’ve made it. Yes, we are very selective and precise with our needs and expectations. We want to hire the best because IT MATTERS! We strive to deliver the best results for all our clients.

How to apply:

Are you qualified for this position? Are you ready to have a conversation with us? Then tell us why you’re the ideal candidate to fill this position. Don’t forget to attach your resume and send ad tech writing samples. Please, NO PHONE CALLS. If you have questions, we’ll answer them via email. (

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