Faction Media

Freelance Designers and Copywriters

Type of work: Freelance
Location: Denver
Date Posted: September 27th, 2013

Freelance Designers and Copywriters

Faction Media is looking for talented designers and writers to add to our list of freelance partners available for project work. We’re open to a range of experience levels – from green to well seasoned. Submit resumes and portfolio samples to faction.freelance@gmail.com.

At Faction, the work comes in all flavors. We lean digital so you should, too. We engineer brands from the ground up, so you’ll be challenged to communicate all that a company stands for as simply as possible. Most importantly, you’ll be a seamless part of a team that concepts and creates digital, video, print, event and TBD tactics for integrated B2B strategies.

If you’ve already thought of a creative way to respond before reading this far, you should probably apply. That's the kind of initiative we need.

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