Is work more fulfilling at an agency that being in-house?

I've been working as an in-house designer/front-end developer for an Accounting Software company for almost a year now. It is a really fun office to work in and my skills have grown exponentially since starting. Not to mention this job has no dress code, no set hours and pays better than any I've ever even applied for. Whats on my mind though is the fact that I always envisioned myself working at a creative agency, not tied down to the same specific branding and that same logo I've been working with since starting here. That being said, I still do personal design and web work as well as a Freelance project once a month or so.

I've heard the money would not be as good and the work would be harder at an agency, but money is not everything. Basically, I was just hoping to hear from some of you currently at a studio who have had to make this decision. Should I be keeping a full time Studio gig in my sight for the future?


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