Where's the art scene in Denver?

I'm a French graphic designer and I am settling in Denver.
Through my few contacts here I got to know the music scene, but I have no clue where to see, discuss, investigate other art forms, from art to design, films, etc.

Where are the good museums (other than the Denver Art Museum), art galleries, cultural centers?
Where are the cool theaters showing more than the latest blockbusters?
Which events should I check out?
Where can I a join design discussions, projects, meet with the artist community?
Where to look for this information on the web?

Please, share your links and experiences. It would be great to make this thread a directory of the Denver art resources.


I like the Robischon Gallery,
the Redline has some innovative shows http://www.redlineart.org/events.htm,
David B Smith has some great shows http://www.davidbsmithgallery.com/

Of course there is the DAM and MCA


Santa Fe and The Rhino Districts have art-walks around the 1st of the month....

Non-block buster films can be seen at the Mayan, Chez Artiste, Esquire, and Starz Film Center

Try the AIGA for design discussions, they have a round table discussions of different topics every month.

Good luck!


Thanks a lot. I also found useful information at http://www.westword.com/

So glad you asked the question. I was wondering the same thing.

You might also check out http://www.yelp.com/denver

There is a really interesting show right now at the FootHills Art Center called "Stark". It's in 2 building near each other. Be sure to check out both.


The Denver Art Museum also has its Untitled events on the final Friday of the month. Lots of unique community collaborations and interesting people. On May 28 at Untitled #29 (Typo) MATTER Studio is bringing foot presses and Denver Film Society is screening Typeface. More info at http://untitled.denverartmuseum.org.

I'll also ask my team at Denver Website Design to know about the new galleries...I think its a good idea to visit art galleries sometime...

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illiterate on broadway is excellent

I met this guy at a show who told me about this site called radnessparade.com I checked out and it has some local musicians and what not. It could be a good start, but I am not sure if they have updated it lately

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