Where do you go to find out-of-state work?

I'm running out of local copywriting contracts. Where do you all go to find out-of-state freelance gigs? Is there a marketplace online, a secret society, do I have to travel the world like Caine, helping small villages defeat ninjas in order to gather decent contacts around the country?

Some veteran advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks, all.


I hit up Craigslist. A lot. You'd be surprised what putting a few ads out in other cities can do. Of course, you're gonna have to sift through a lot of chaff to find good gigs, but at least the work will come to you.

I also use LinkedIn. Joining various groups on the site, such as industry groups, can be very helpful. However, be prepared to devote some serious time to establishing yourself within each group. You're more likely to get jobs if the other members have seen you around before. Don't be afraid to drop into groups and make an initial post introducing yourself and stating why you are joining the group. You can also establish relationships with businesses that use copywriters such as ad and marketing agencies. Look for small companies that don't have an on-site copywriter.

These have worked well for me in the past.

Best of luck.

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