Where are all the professionals servicing the customers?

I suppose that I am posting this because frankly, viewing the terrain here is a bit intimidating. You guys are all great at being digitally saavy, creatives and geniuses with your code languages and interfacing, but I am curious.....

What strategies are in place to interface with the client using your products?
Do you see a need for individuals who require technical backgrounds or the ability to translate jargon into understandable terms that can be applied to meet their needs?

What strengths do you think are required as the digital age continues to evolve from a person who is mediating both between the customer and the design team and how do you see these roles evolving?


Hm. Aside from the fact that this is a very confusing post, I'm particularly bothered by this statement you made:

"Real people, not the ones lingering in virtual reality, are the ones that are paying your rent."

Your goal is to improve communication all around between the customers (clients), account executives, and the designers. However, I don't think you'll get very far with any of that if you throw comments like the one above around, which sounds very "holier-than-thou-ish" simply because you interact with the client more than the designer does.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Hi Ryan,
I actually deleted my previous post because you are right, it was confusing and it did sound self righteous, I think my attempt at humor was misleading because what you guys do is very integral and I didn't mean to suggest that being on the frontline is more important than what you do. Without you there is no client to be had!

I'm hoping to better understand how to foster a sense of collaboration between IT/Development teams and Operations teams.

I want to get a better sense for how to make your lives easier while also appeasing my clients needs as they rely heavily upon me to translate what may be technical limitations in a way they can understand without compromising their faith in the products that are being developed.
This is actually a challenge that I deal with on a daily basis and I hope to derive some sense into how to improve and open up the lines of communication.

Do you think there are any specific skills that would be invaluable in a situation where I am trying to prioritize the clients requests to the development team in a diplomatic way that won't be taken defensively? I know it depends upon the hierarchy within a given organization, but I'd love to hear how your establishment implements communication between departments.

Additionally I would like to foster a sense of collaboration amongst our differing roles and would ask for feedback on skills that you believe would help me grow to better understand the development/design process.

I'm hoping to get better acquainted with HTML and CSS and I'm currently exploring CMS systems as well as spending some time @code academy but what languages and areas of focus would be worth investing in as a mere peon who is simply trying to keep up with the technology as it evolves.

Thanks for any feedback you can provide Ryan and sorry I came off that way, it was a poor attempt at humor which isn't the best medium where multiple interpretations can potentially arise. My bad!

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