What's your favorite beer, and what brought you two together?

Just curious, as I'm looking to try something new.

For the longest time my favorite's been "Tiger beer" from Singapore.

I fell in love when I was stuck in Amsterdam/Schipol during a snow storm for 2 days. As the airport was not receiving any new supplies, they went through their current stock...which was all Tiger.

Anyways, I'm interested to see what forges these relationships between people and a beverage.


My personal favorite is Laughing Lab, by Bristol Brewing. After a full day of mowing outside and other back-breaking activities, my neighbor pulled up with an icy cold 6-pack. Been hooked ever since.

The Ska Pils is a recent fav. Anything from Mexico. Big fan of the mirobrew/ can fad. Stay thirsty friends.

Arctic Panzer Wolf By Three Floyds Indiana. Its great to have these in the winter

the best beer i've ever had was russian river's damnation, aged for 3 years. unbelievable. tasted like wine. a friend of mine was saving it and i happened to be lucky enough to be the one he shared it with.

my favorite summer beer, however, is called ginger bee by crabtree brewing company, right here in the great state of colorado. it is so refreshing on a hot day. i found it at bonnie brae liquors and was twice as excited when i discovered a free sticker upon purchase.

a favorite winter beer, on the other hand, would be something heavier and more complex. i like beers with high alcohol content. will have to try arctic panzer wolf...but i really liked tuborg and carlsberg's jule ol (winter/christmas beer) when i was abroad in copenhagen. something about the aftertaste kept me drinking.

tiger's a great beer. haven't had it since i was abroad. thanks for the reminder.

Hitachino Nest White Ale. Amazingly complex, aromatic, and delicious white ale. Tiny bottle. Huge price. This is a VERY hard to find beer out here... I got into it while living in North Carolina and drinking at The Raleigh Times. Their beer menu is unreal. They get Belgians brewed by crazy European shut-ins who do one batch a decade. They have $50+ bottles of Kriek on the menu. The only place locally I can find Hitachino White is at the Bitter Bar, and the last time I went they were out due to supply irregularity from the tsunami. I have tried Hitachino's other beers but the white ale wins out by far. I have found nothing remotely comparable.

Ayinger Bräu Weisse hands down my favorite beer, I strongly reccomend it for anyone who wants a nice wheat.

Lost Abbey Lost and Found.....My personal favorite because it is a medium bodied beer with high ABV around %10. Tastes great not to hoppy or malty just well balanced and gets the job done.

On a side note if anyone wants great beer check out Euclid Hall in Denver awesome beer selection a lot of the ones mentioned above are served on their beer list. A Shameless plug but I love the place and I work there.....until I can get an ad job!

Arctic Panzer Wolf by Three Floyds Indiana, Trust me its as awesome as it sounds

I have too many favorites to count on one hand. I'm not sure what that says about me though.

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