What I Learned This Year: Adam Espinoza

I created a series of posters with 8 thoughts.

1. The voices are real, just don't listen to them.
2. Dogs love rolling in carrion.
3. Say no to drive by tootins.
4. We're all varying degrees of broke.
5. Logic stifles creativity.
6. Never be luke warm.
7. Don't feed me boo shit and call it ice cream.
8. Revolution of free thought.


Sweet work Adam.

No.7 FTW!

hmmm...interesting...beautiful work as usual.

Nice dude!

DUUUUDE! You should print some of these. great work!!!!

Very nice work!

Adam. This is beautiful work. Thanks for sharing. How'ya been?

nice work my friend

well played buddy!

Very cool. Good learnings.

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