What did you learn this year?

For the lesser peeps that didn't get invited to the dance...

Well I took a new position just over a year ago, so sufficed to say I learned a shit load in 2011.

I learned that reaching your goals can be a very rewarding and very disappointing all in one.

I learned that learning new snowboarding tricks at age 33 without new snow fucking hurts. But it's also so much fun.

I learned an s_load of new technical skills this year.

I learned that GOOD print is alive and well and some even say is making a hearty comeback regardless of the clients spending more money. People want to feel things again. Emails, E newsletters & stalker ads lack heart.

I learned that GOOD print takes a good designer.

I learned I am a good designer. Again.

I learned to KISS with family and friends. Keeping it simple with family and friends is SO much easier than keep up relationships just for the shit of it. Take that energy and focus it on the good people in your life that matter. They will return it.

I learned I loved the dog we lost this year more than anything I have ever known. He only knew love, loyalty & protection. People might think less of me for loving a dog so much but I miss that damn dog every day. He will never be replaced.

I learned I can't do everything, but damn close. And even when you do, there's still more and it's not sustainable. Clients will always ask more. Saying no doesn't work. Managing realistic expectations and delivering does. Trust works. Trust takes hard work to earn and not everyone can earn it.

I learned I can drink a lot.

I learned how to begin to relax and not THINK about work 24/7. I like it, but it can be a slippery slope that you may never return from. That may not be such a bad thing.

I learned the world is still a pretty fucked up place and petty, whiny, young americans that don't want to work or maybe better put, just don't want to work shit out can fuck off. You're giving Americans and our generations a bad name. Liking and posting shit about a "revolution" on Facebook is not doing anything about it. Those who are doing something about it aren't fucking complaining, we're working. Hard.

I learned I love my wife more than anyone. Again.

I have no idea if 2012 is going to be better or worse than 2011, but I know I'll survive. I think.


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