Web based solution for product documentation?

I am looking for a solution that puts our product documentation/admin guide (currently PDF ) into searchable knowledge base articles (for SEO). Ideally the user could search on keywords, be presented information from our KB, and assemble those into a printable document (PDF).
Anyone know of a product or solution out there for this?
Thanks in advance!


I know I'm late to the party here but the only thing I can think of that comes close is a service called Issuu (http://www.issuu.com). Mainly used for distributing digital publications, I currently use this service to house digital presentations and documentation within my department.

You simply upload a PDF, the service processes it and makes any links within the PDF live, makes all the text searchable so if the end user is looking for documentation for a specific process in a larger manual they can search based on keywords. It also allows the user to download the document to a printable copy (if you allow them to in the document settings). That's about as close as I've seen to what you're describing.

I hope that helps in some fashion.

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