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Dear Denver,

There's a reason a local "agency" posts way too many creative job opportunities on The Egotist for only having two full-time employees (CEO & CCO) and a remarkable 2012 billing year of not enough money to talk about. Be wary of their progressive job descriptions, enthusiastic interview style, and especially their capabilities or lack there of. While I'm young, possibly really naive, and only have three years of professional agency experience (CP+B), I was not impressed with the blurred vision, poor communication skills of management, and ironic arrogance during my two months there.

You might say, "Agency Zero is a start-up. That's how start-ups are.." Yea, start-ups that have a successful product with exponential user rates and fiscal billing of a million dollars plus. Not another advertising agency offering less than what every other agency can provide in Denver for the same price.

Interning at Cactus now has reminded me that my shit does stink. And so does Agency Zero's. Maybe one day they'll be desperate enough to realize it. Or not.

Good luck Agency Zero, you're gonna need it.


Thanks for looking out; I just sent them an email the other day about one of their job postings.

They also use imagery in their email signature. #Silly


You should use care when trashing others in a public forum like the Egotist. Denver is a small town, everyone knows everyone, and this type of attack doesn't really do anyone any favors, including yourself.

If Agency Zero was not a good fit for you, so be it, but your complaints come off as fairly vague, and willfully vindictive. If an agency cheated you out of monies owed, that is worth "warning" others about, but assuming that is not the case here, you should just part ways, and keep your mouth shut, and find something that is a better fit for your personality, way of working, etc.

I am surprised by this comment. We have used Agency Zero and feel that they are incredibly talented. I would take this comment with a grain of salt for sure. We are big fans of this company and have never experienced anything short of excellence.

Thanks for the advice Joe. Never assume as my good friends up at CPB taught me.

To all Interns and recent College Graduates,

One of many that I've learned in school is “The most important thing you will ever market is yourself”. I am a senior at CU at Denver and a current intern for Agency Zero. You might say Agency Zero is a smaller company, but in my personal opinion the best way to understand how an agency works on a day-to-day basis, there is no better way to find that out, but work/intern for a smaller agency like Agency Zero.

Please disregard “Solution Technician” Warning for Agency Zero. I give Agency Zero 3 days out of week in the summer and will proceed to be part of the team throughout this fall semester. I get the opportunity to overlook and engage in not just one department but all departments in the agency by being involved in client meetings, help strategize accounts, analyze qualitative and quantitative data and be part of managing accounts. Like imease55 said, Denver is a small city and posting on a popular forum is the most unprofessional thing you can possible do in your career. You might have an internship like Cactus, but speaking badly about another company will one day in the future come back at you.

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