Video Production Jobs - Where should I look?!

Hey everyone! I've got something I need a little bit of help with - really, just a push in a direction more or less.

Okay, so I'm moving to Denver really soon, and I really need some more ideas of where to look for video production jobs (Video / motion graphics, editing). I've talked to a bunch of places and the general response I get is "Awesome dude we love your stuff, call us and let us know when you move out here!" - but it's really hard for me to move without any guarantee. I love Denver and Boulder so much that I would be willing to work another day-to-day job in the mean time while finding something, but I just need a push in a couple directions to find something I think.

With that said, thanks to anyone who is willing to give me some ideas!

Here's a link to my reel and website:


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