Hey All -
I know I'm not the only one out there that has recently been laid off. Is anyone else completely frustrated with applying for unemployment?

I'm totally confused about when I'm supposed to request my first payment. Is it 2 weeks after you've filed your claim? Or are you supposed to do it immediately? Tried calling the helpline and have never gotten through to a live person. Does anyone have an answer?



Yes, you wait your two weeks then call the line and answer all the questions to submit to be paid. Sometimes it takes longer to get paid, but you keep calling every 2 weeks... don't delay or your payment will be delayed. Based on your paperwork, if you got a severance, they'll count that against your payment and you may not get a check for a month or so... but keep calling and doing your part to stay on top of it.

Unemployment benefits can almost be more trouble than they are worth. We have found it is especially difficult with our industry. For example meeting the minimum job contacts required to qualify for benefits can be exceedingly difficult because of the level of work and research that should go into it. Unemployment is set up for people to troll the want ads and call on everything and anything one might be qualified for.

If anyone has anything to offer as far as advice or personal experiences please share.

My husband (jobless for a year now) called unemployment and asked if he could lower the number of jobs needed to apply to every week from 5 to 3, and they approved it. The website for unemployment has been vastly improved is works almost a good as a phone call. Instead of calling every two weeks, you can fill the form out on-line.

Good luck!

Thanks for all the advice. I think I finally have it figured out. I'm pretty sure that email inquiries and networking count as "applying for a job" so I think if you keep working your contacts that counts toward your 5 applications a week. (great excuse to take your colleagues out for drinks, and it's a write off)

Also, unemployment leaves you an automated message if you miss the first day you can request payment.

Good luck all!

E-mail inquiries and networking DO count. You really can get that number down from 5 to 3.....it's really makes everything less stressful!

Good luck Megan!

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