Transitioning from agency work to freelance- advice welcomed!

Hi, guys.

In this economy, my decision could probably be viewed as blindingly stupid, but I recently left a fairly cush Creative Director gig to strike out on my own as a freelancer again.

I do web, interactive, motion-graphics, and videography.
Some photography and copy-writing, too.

My problem is this -- I'm reasonably confident I turn out good work, but I'm a little perplexed about which online venues I should advertise on, i.e.,, etc.

If you're interested in seeing my stuff, you can check out

I'm not Digital Kitchen, or anything, but my work reflects my experience (12 years), and I've been gettin' zero response from sites like Craigslist-- apparently, since I'm not gearing up for prom or willing to work for a free ham sandwich, I'm pretty easy to overlook there.

I've just submitted my portfolio to the talent section here.
Do any of you guys have recommendations on other solid venues to list my services?

Thanks for any suggestions! I really appreciate it!


Probably the biggest adjustment when it comes to starting on a freelance career is not having to answer to anyone. That means that you will start to be your own boss.

While that will let other people be the best that they can be, it sometimes leaves those without a strong personality be successful with that they do as they are left on the dumps not having a clear path to go to.

People sure haven't not swayed away from the idea that they are not any good. And while there really are some people who do not offer anything good with their work, there is equally the same bunch who are great with their work. And you are the only one who can answer to that based on how you could judge your own performance. And while you could probably go out and claim that, a fair judgment should still be made.

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