Tips for collecting payments from freelance clients?

Any fellow freelancers have advice for getting paid? I have trouble getting what I'm worth, when I'm due. Thanks!


First and foremost - ALWAYS SIGN A CONTRACT. You may trust your client, and they may trust you, but always use a contract. It should be seen as an agreement that protects both parties. If you are constantly doing small jobs or updates for a particular client, you may want to draft a contract that spells out the terms of this work rather than having one for each project. Larger projects should have a specific contract that details the job to be completed.

Request a percentage of money down before work starts. I typically request 25-33%. And don't release final work until balance is paid.

I also charge a $20/month fee for all overdue balances.

If it's stated in a contract it is a legally binding document that gives you leverage if client's refuse to pay.

Thanks! Any advice or resources for drafting a solid contract?

I have created a contract for myself based off of this model

Overdue fees! That's what my contract is missing. Man, that's a great idea. I've got a client who is 4 months overdue on a $300 bill. Insists on paying me once a month in $60 increments. I guess I'll correct that going forward. Thanks so much for the idea. That link is great as well. Definitely going to look into that.

I used AIGA's contract for designers edited for my purposes

Thank you all so much, very helpful!

I have found that being able to accept credit card payments helps quite a bit as well. It gives clients some options. I use the square card reader at no cost to sign up and only charges 2.75% per swipe and it deposits the next day.

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