Taking "Anonymous" off

So lately this board is been streaming with nonsensical post by "Anonymous", and its getting really annoying. Most of these posts are geared for either random, off-topic ramblings or direct attacks. Now I have nothing against the attack here or there, but my belief is you should own what you say, rather than cower behind another "Anonymous" tag.

Lets start a discussion on why/why not "Anonymous" should be taken off of TDE. In turn, why you should be a registered member to comment.

I'll start:
1) As stated, eliminating "Anonymous" forces people to own what they say, and hopefully think before they comment.
2) By doing this, topics will hopefully stay more on-topic and more relevant
3) We wont have to go through a bunch of nonsensical comments by an "Anonymous" to get to a valid point by someone whom can OWN that point.
4) You want to make Denver suck less daily. Lets start by making this blog/site/forum suck less by finding ways of keeping shit on topic and relevant.

So that's one side of the argument. Thoughts? Maybe TDE can weigh in as well.


This could partially be due to the comment form being filled out by default with the word 'Anonymous' in the name area, instead of the word 'Name.' We'll start by fixing that to see if it fixes a portion of the problem.

Maybe implement an "ignore Anonymous" button that just hides the pansies comments w/ CSS. This way, if we feel like hearing what the spineless trolls have to say, we have that option, but folks know that by commenting without an account - you are not counted as an equal in the conversation.

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