Styling ? Copying text from word into Indesign cs4...

so everything was gravy until a few weeks ago when suddenly when i copy text out of word docs into Indesign it won't take pre-set styling in the indesign doc. it began taking the word styles instead. its very annoying when you have a lot text styling to redo.

i messed with some compatibility settings in word but nothing seems to work.

anyone have this issue? know the fix?

many thanks!



(If I understand the question) I find pasting the text into any email program will flush the styling from word or other programs. It's a work around.

yeah thx jeff, was trying to avoid text edit just cuz its hard on the eyes. so bummed this just quit working.... gotta be something with cs4 v word.

I've done what Jeff recommended. Just paste the stuff from word into Text Edit to remove the styling.

You might also try the "Paste Without Formatting" option available in the Edit menu.

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