Studio Share?

Hi, I'm looking to find and share some studio space in the Denver around the City Park area. Any other independent designers want to join in?

I've found a few places but they are too much for just one person.


Hey Chris,
I'm also looking find others to share a space. Do you have a particular space in mind? Would you consider Wash Park area? Give a shout if you would like to discuss.


Hi Brian,

I live in Stapleton. Looking around the City Park area so I can just ride or bike to the space.

Hey Brian and Chris,

a href="">Creative Density is located about 10 blocks from City Park at 17th and Emerson. They have about 30 independent designers, developers, writers, and consultants work there in a shared space. A desk is only $300/month but they have plans as low as $75/month.


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