start-up company naming

Any recommendations for someone who is experienced in developing a name for a new company?


I'm happy to help out.

Please feel free to drop me a line with more details.
chris at cmagruder dot me


You could do it yourself.

An expert in starting, building and naming companies advises free writing"

"You can find a good name just by free writing, and doing so for an absurdly long time.
Just keep writing and writing. Seriously. Do it in a text file. Keep writing until you reach 10,000 words. The right name will come along, as long as you keep writing"

Good luck!

Totally agree with Rick. Write down words that are involved in your business, go well with the business and even words that are the opposite of your business. What is your business trying to accomplish? How do you do it? Why do you do it? A lot of this can help bring the right words to your attention. Good luck!

I would do it myself for several reasons: a) you own the name you come up with, it's your baby, not somebody else's who may want to come back one day asking for a cust, b) it's better intellectually and emotionally to be on your own direct path or your own choosing.

For help, look at movies you liked, attitudes you embrace, verb and noun agreement titles, expressions, beliefs and do a little free word association like in English class and you'll hit on something fairly quickly.

Names DO make a difference. I started two companies on my own with no seed capital, no "angel" investors, and no help from anyone else. Picking the wrong name can give the public the impression that you work for pennies or will work with anyone (such as "Affordable" in your company name), when you may not wish to communicate that impression.

I always like action movies and like producing work with fast turnaround times and tight organization so picked a company name that communicated that, and reminded me of a movie I liked.


Limit the name to two syllables and keep in mind how it will look and feel when uploaded into the image box of your social-media sites.

Also, take the time to research font types and colors.

Let me know how else I can help!

Patti's sounds like a good name :P

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