So how do you get to Denver?

Like many others, I'm restless and ready to experience Colorado. I've just come off owning/operating a small digital endeavor. We made AdAge by creating a campaign that brought Cap'n Crunch to Twitter.. the things we all do for a living. Anyway, I'm a writer with 3+ years experience for big brands, but being four states away (Missouri), I'm finding the search to be a challenge.

I've heard the community is tight, but also that a lot of people are also new themselves. I've looked into a few places (CP+B, Integer, Factory Labs, Cactus, Sukle), but e-mail is just that and calling goes against the standard; or so it seems.

Interested in how others are getting there or have gotten there. I think for the time I've been doing this, I've done alright, but am open to honest feedback of my approach and work:

Any and all advice, insight, recommendations or anything along the way would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks everybody.


Why don't you run a banner ad on our site? It's cheap and people rarely take advantage of it. You'll get your stuff in front of everyone in town in one shot: Also, your site doesn't really show off your writing chops. It looks like the book of a web designer. Might want to consider adding in some stuff that shows you're a great writer.

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