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I have started an innovative online directory offering tools that no other site in the nation is offering and it is expected to launch in Mid May. As a start up, how can I go about hiring an ad sales reps? It would definitely have to be commissioned based, but what is the average commission percentage for commissioned based sales reps? Where can I find commissioned based independent ad sales reps? Thanks!


Not sure if this is beneficial to you but most sales reps that work on a strictly commission plan make anywhere from 3%-25% depending on your average customer billing. Whatever hiring route you select, whether it is Craigslist, Andrew Hudson’s Job List, The Egotist, you will most likely have a frustrating hiring process ahead. From my personal experience one of the most difficult positions to staff is a commissioned only position. Do yourself a favor and set up a camera for your interviews, you could make some extra money shooting a “Meth, not even once” commercial.

Avoid using Craigslist to hire sales reps.

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