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Dear Start-Up and Developer Searchers,

I recently have begun consulting with a Denver creative mobile and web development company and am FLOORED with how much better and refined their process is for delivering a successful product every time.

They have created a process of wrapping high end development in advanced marketing strategy and project scoping. Something that I have noticed to be almost entirely ignored by other creative developers in Denver. Most concerned with turning out timely products to a many times, misguided and unfocused client. Ideas By Nature has identified this flaw in the design and development process and are are narrowing in on it, making the marketing and consulting done around a client's "baby", the focus. What I have normally seen in my consulting with mobile clients is simple: 1. Take a clients idea. 2. Shape that idea down into a V.1 working app. 3. Build and deliver.

- The Difference -

Ideas By Nature has an incredibly more refined process for extracting the best ingredients from an web or app idea, establishing the deliverable benefits to an end user and finally, shaping those features to capture a user. The scoping process is much more involved and hands on, revealing the true goals of a project. This is all done while incorporating beautiful design and a wealth of knowledge in Drupal and iOS development.

I encourage both first time and industry professionals to explore development and design with Ideas By Nature. You will absolutely have a more successful experience with your project.

http://ideasbynature.com - FYI a good sign of a busy digital company is a website that is not as exceptional as their clients (they're too busy building apps!)

All the best,

Jeffrey S. Vier
Digital & Mobile Marketing Consultant.

Greater Denver



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