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There was an article posted to Egotist back in 2009 regarding the best project management software for agencies, but I'm curious to know if anyone has any new insight for what their agency (or any other type of creative studio) uses for project/traffic management. We're needing to find a better solution than Excel to be able to forecast, manage staff workload and see problems ahead of time.

We currently have a custom version of FileMaker Pro 10, that we developed a few years ago and it's great as a CRM, for creating invoices, and a lot of other things that already put us in a good position. And we'd love to just build on that in order to meet our needs, but doing so will require some time and investment (both of which we're willing to give, because having software that syncs with your client database/CRM and that's customized to the processes your agency uses is incredibly important). But we need a good solution that helps us in the mean time.

That being said, we're also interested in finding talent that is skilled at building complex databases for agencies in order to start the process of updating FileMaker Pro (or re-building from the ground, up) to our needs. So, if anyone has any connections for that, I'd also be interested in hearing your recommendations.

Any suggestions?


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