Processing, OSC and other Interactive A/V

Hello all, I'm just curious if there's anyone else on here that has an interest in Processing ( or using OSC signals with programs like TouchOSC or Osculator.

I'm a designer as well as music producer/DJ looking to add "Interactive" to the title and have been experimenting with software that will allow this. I have quite a ways to go on Processing, but already understand the basic concepts, just need to start memorizing the syntax and digging into examples. I have used Bluetooth devices to control cursors, music and visuals and would like to use these technologies for some more immersive experiences.

If there's anyone out there who would like to plan a meeting of minds (or if you already know of one) - that would be awesome. My next project involves a beach ball equipped with a device that controls visuals on a projector, allowing the crowd to interact with a live performance like never before.

With more creative minds, we could form some kind of regular meeting to share our thoughts and experiments, so let's see what happens.



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