Practical web design training?

I was wondering if anyone knew of local places (not online) that offered practical web design training in things such as JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, etc.

I have experience in HTML and CSS and am looking to add more skills. I've asked people I know and done the Google searches but can't find anything out there.

Thanks in advance.


Have you looked into Colorado Free University? I know they have classes on lots of random classes. So they might have the one your your looking for.

Give a shot...they have 700+ free videos on different software programs.

Good luck.....

I vaguely remember a post on this site a while back about this very topic. Does anyone else remember it?

The bigger issue is that there are hardly any programs out there, even at the college/university level, teaching essential web design and development skills. Anyone can find an HTML/CSS class. But that only gets you so far.

What about UI design? Human factors? Wireframing? JS, PHP, Flex, etc?

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