Photoshop abuse.

Take a look at the album cover for Soundgarden's new release of old songs.

Weird.. Brad Mehldau's cover of 'Black Hole Sun' just shuffled its way into my speakers.


Scary. Chris Cornell get a Mac for his birthday?

I like it a lot.

That looks like a screen cap from the "Afghan" level on Modern Warfare 2 with a dog poorly compositied over it.

And by "compositied" I mean to say "composited." :-/

Yeah this looks like something an 18 yearold would make.. I don't like it at all...

My love of surrealistic work tells me it's certainly interesting...

You'd think Soundgarden might be able to spring for a decent album design.

surreal work like this is already on its way out, and the entire foreground is not working for me at all.

You all have only seen a small portion of the Photoshop atrocity. There are front and back versions of the art and it's in panoramic format. This link has both pieces near the bottom of the article:

it looks like Chuck Anderson and Nigel evan Dennis's awkward love child

i don't know who soundgarden is but i would love to design the new Boys 2 Men album. I'm thinking art deco meets viking zombie warriors

Way to plop a gradient map layer over top of everything to make it blend together. Like a mish mash of lifted Flikr images.

Does it remind anyone else of Van Halen circa 1985???

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