New Portfolio Site Primed and Prepped for Shredding

Ego-ites of the Den - I'm seeking feedback, rants to raves for my recently refreshed portfolio site. Tear me a new one, re-open an old wound, blow sunshine up me arse, but please do so with integrity.

Thanks and praise to all respondents!



I like the buttons to sort through your work via categories. Nice work.

My critiques:
The work loads slowly sometimes. I hate waiting and watching a loading icon.
Your work forefront is nice but it is in a box and there is nothing else to look at.

Constructive Crit:
I'd like to see some hierarchy of scale. Lead your viewers to different and exciting things. Play up the panda theme perhaps.
Your flash site is much cooler but is obviously in flash and that limits your viewership. Read up on jquery. You can do some very cool things with it including animations.

Hi STV - I'll definitely look into the load times, Google has some incredible optimization tools that I've been itching to try out. I loved my flash site, but as you pointed out I can reach a wider audience using my html-based platform. Thanks for taking the time out to take a look at the site and big ups for the crit!

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