New Members Say Heyo

Who all is in this thing now? Raise your hand and say hello.



Just noticed you can see who's logged in – cool.

hello from boston =)

Finally got it all up... HOLA!

'Allo love.

Hello egocentric personalities of the denver ad scene. ;-)

Glad to be a part of it.

Hey there gent's and ladies. Does this mean we'll all have to own robes and an assortment of lotions and jellies?


nice job egotist. seems to have lots of improvements. looking forward to the new year.


Hey all.

Long time reader, first time commenter. Awesome job with the redesign. Keep up the f'ing fantastic work!

diggin the forum aspect of the site!

well played, egotist. well played indeed.

looking forward to the forum, when i get my head back above water.

hey y'all! thanks for the forum, very nice addition. keep on keepin' on.

hey hey everyone. keeping up on all your great work out here from the east coast. hope to head back to the front range real soon.

Hey there all! Glad to be a part of our community.

*raises hand*

Hello everyone!


What's up all!

Heyooooo from Toronto

Love the redesign... Oh and hello.

Hey, Denver!

I finally took the plunge and joined, don't know why I waited so long. So cheers from Colorado Springs. (We're the Canada to Denver's United States.)

Hey everyone! The new redesign is definately making Denver suck less!

Hi All! After lurking for a while now, I've finally joined. I have dual purposes 1.) Now I can interact with all you crazy creatives and 2.) I currently work for Colorado Ski Country USA and we have an RFP out for design services and would love for you all to throw your hats in the ring. Get the RFP at

That's all for my spam...have a great weekend!

Holla from the HotPress headquarters!

Hi there!

Howdy y'all.

Hello Denver!
(Brought to you by my future mustache)

happy monday.


(hand raised) present!


Greetings Denver!

helloo all ..i love to ski and snowboarding
and i want to meet new people and change my life ...;)

Hi, other Evans. And, you know... everyone else too.

hey all. new to Denver here. love the site, egotist. thanks for giving us all a space to connect/chat/talk about ourselves/talk about each other/ etc. / etc. :)

Hi! I am so happy I found Denver Egoist! I am graduating from the University of Florida at the end of the spring and would love to be in CO. Anyone have any advice as to how to get in the industry out there?

Nice! A hidden gem this Denver Egotist site is. I just found this today while on a snow day and I must say, what an absolutely cool find (It helps that the site looks good too :) So, any success stories from this site yet? Follow me on Twitter and also befriend me on Facebook if you'd like!

hi friends!

hello, this site is so fun.
Be new friends
my Twitter

Hi everyone, I'm Jeff. Nice to meet you.

hello Jeff, Nice to meet you too :)

Hello all. Im a Coloradan returning from a 9 year stint in Cincinnati and am so glad to have found the Egotist. It came highly recommended for getting a sense of the local creative pulse, and those folks were not wrong. Cheers.

Hi Egotist. Hi Jeff.

Hi guys. This site is a sweet resource.

Hi everybody!


Howdy all. Nice to meet everyone.


Hey everyone. I just moved to Colorado, happy to see I'm amongst eccentric company. Link = Online Portfolio:


HI everyone!

Hello... from Miami!
Soon to be transplanted...


Greetings! I'm an artist scraping by down in Springs- looking to relocate. Any advice at all on jobs/neighborhoods ect would be appreciated--I know very little about Denver, much less the job scene.

Greetings. Long-time reader, first-time member.

Hello! May we all find peace and happiness in the Front Range. :)


Hey! Is this where all the cool kids hang out?

Hello everyone. Hope you can make it to the Yes! Please! More! Grand Opening this Saturday June 5th at the Denver Pavilions.

Yes! Please! More!

DOCA launchs Denver Design Week

Uh, 'Heyo' I'm more of a 'Hey hey!' kind of guy though. = )

Hey now!



Heyo! Just joined and just moved to Denver. Can't wait to get my feet wet!

Hello fellow creative brains...

just moved to CO. i am in.

well hello then! This egotisit site is super cool. I now find myself looking for work. Turns out my last employer informed me that "You have no chance to survive, make your time" ?!?!!

Hey, a transplant designer who loves it here.

Hello all. Been in Denver a long time, working solo, but looking for something more now, just found out about the Egotist.

Hi gang. Looking forward to staying in touch with the local scene.

Woooah Denver! Hello, all.

Hello! Just moved to Denver, for a new start, like most people. Been working freelance for a few years now, ready to get back into an office, with real humans ;)

Hello, just heard about TDE not too long ago and I've been a fan ever since! I'm a photographer and I mostly shoot action snow sports, as well as music, lifestyle clothing, and other bits & pieces.

Hello! This site is awesome!

Love the site. Joined the site. Drank the Kool-Aid. Feeling dizzy and sleepy. Dropped by to say hi. HI! Kool-Aid very delicious but its making me feel....*CRASH*

The Egotist concept is brilliant; so are most of the members I see here! The graphic artists are amazing, too. What a great place to explore talent.

Hey whats up!

Hey! New here. Looking for contract Flex, Flash or other interactive/web work.

I cannot recall how I stumbled upon this site, but I am glad I found it! Hey to all!

Let me hear you say "Heeeeey"


Hello, from Boulder

Love this site! Happy to be a member....

hey hey! so glad I found this place! xoxo denver.

Glad to be here. I offer social media services to fit the needs of any business. Hit me up!

Hi, I'm SimpleBox. You are not.


Hey there
fellows and Ladies glad to be apart of a bunch a creative minds

Glad to join. Anyone else having a hard time growing a handlebar stache?

Have posted a few comments here or there, but officially saying hello.

Hello everyone!

Glad I found this site!

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