The New Egotist – Good? Bad? Indifferent?


Kook-Aid, Typo or clever misspell going over my head?

Pretty sure Kraft doesn't have Kook-Aid either...

Little slow today. It was a late night.

Love the look/feel of most of it, nice work!

I think the content pages look better than the home though, due to the 2 even width columns on the home page... the 3 to 2 weight inside feels much better.

i like the gray. and i like the news'yer feel. it makes me feel like i am checking the times when i read though it.

job well done guys/girls.

Looks spiffy! I like the changes.

Looks good. Except for one MAJOR thing! Why cant we put our demo reels in our profile??? Placing only still frames in the profile is not really geared for us production houses. Thoughts?

Hear ya, bwell. We're working on it. The ability to embed video inside a profile should be up and cooking sooner rather than later.

I figured you guys are on it! ROCK ON! BTW I feel all awkward in this new swanky website. HA

Love the new look. Clean design, usability gets two solid thumbs up. Cudos to the designer and dev on the re-design.

You're killing me with the franchising. That is freaking awesome. It's something I've had in the back of my mind for db art news but your combination of features on the new site and the way you're presenting it is bad ass. Super tight. Who are you anyway????

Love it, but I would like to through up more the 3 images in my profile page.

Love it. Clean and easily navigable. Well done!

It's all you need...Simplistic, get's the point across and bold at the same time. Awesome design for sure

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