Need some camera help

Any photographers out there mind looking @ this pic and helping me figure out why I've got a ghost worm showing up on all my pics???

Blue Bear and Ghost Worm

The worm is in the upper left corner.

I noticed it on the shots I took yesterday so I cleaned the lens, but it's still showing up in the ones I took today... I can't see any visible scratches on the lens. I'm not sure if it matters, but I'm using a Nikon D40 w/ a Nikkor 18-55mm lens.

Thanks in advance!


Most likely, it's a fiber on your sensor (inside the camera body, where the film would be).

You want to be _extremely_ careful when cleaning your sensor because it is easy to damage beyond repair.

I just found this site which seems to be a pretty good resource:

Personally, I've used both the vacuum method and the swab method. Any photo store should have the proper supplies, and many will do the service for you.

Good luck!

Thanks man, I'll give it a go and see if I can fix it!

Definitely looks like a small hair inside your camera. If you look closely for it you may actually be able to carefully get it out of there. Otherwise, I'd highly suggest Ray's Camera Repair, inside of Denver Pro Photo. He is super legit, fair prices, and has always done a great job with my cameras. I'd also suggest getting a blower like this:

Make sure whenever you swap out lenses to always do so while holding the camera body pointed toward the ground (with the lcd pointed toward the sky) to avoid any excess dust/debris getting into the camera body.

Thanks Chip,

I think I got it cleaned out since I can't see my ghost worm buddy on any of the shots I took today.

As for the blower...I'll go pick one up. I very gently used a can of compressed air (same thing you'd use on your comp) and it seemed to work just fine...bad idea?

A friend of mine had a similar problem and compressed air worked just fine for him.
Not sure if this helps, but I like to hear myself talk... or in this case type.

No problem. Regarding the compressed air, I definitely would STOP doing that immediately. I haven't heard of any photographers doing so, and the pressure I would guess wouldn't be good for the internal parts of your camera. Just use a blower, and if the problem persists, take it to Ray's or another camera cleaning service who knows what they're doing. Maybe they might use compressed air but I definitely wouldn't recommend using it yourself.

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