Is my portfolio "dated"

I've been looking around for a new job lately and have been neglecting to redesign/recode my portfolio. I understand the code is a bit dated, but the look and feel of the site?

Not getting as many responses as I'd like when applying for stuff lately.

Thanks! (Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings as long as it's constructive.)

View my portfolio here...


Fix it.

Well I'll give you credit for having an updated "look" to your portfolio site, but the work itself appears to be lacking, mainly in the way you are presenting it. You have done an excellent job of framing each piece with the latest and greatest technology (iPhone, iPad, etc.) but since you do this with every piece and don't provide close ups, I searched through your whole site in about a minute.

Providing close ups of your work and really selling the pros of your work would help greatly. Also, on the front page of the site, consider a new way to explain what you do. Those who are in the design world will feel like you think they are 3 year olds with no knowledge of html and css3.

I wish you the best of luck, I understand its a tough search for work out there!

I love your home page. But I'd have to agree that the presentation is awesome but it would be nice to see some work in greater detail. Best of luck!

Not too bad. Instead of a complete redesign, I think you can work with this to bring it up to date. For starters, work on the typography. The day of 10px type is long gone... up everything.

Your website REALLY doesn't like chrome. I can't get any of your examples to load on it! :(

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