Moving to Denver from PA, looking for video / motion graphic work

So I just spent 5 days scouting out Denver and found a nice place to live in the Englewood area, and now I'm searching for a job in video production / motion graphics. I was told this is a good website to start searching on, but does anyone have any additional ideas?

I'm really looking forward to moving out to Denver.

Here is a link to my website and reel by the way:


Email me: I have a couple projects in mind.

Will do! Thank you for the response.

Kennon: Where you from in PA? There are a bunch of us out here from they Keystone state.

Hey Brian, I'm from the Harrisburg area. It seems like everyone wants to move out to Denver for the same reason, because it's way cooler than it is here in PA. hahah

Nice reel Kennon any luck finding work? I'm also from PA and trying to leave this humidity and move to CO. I'm from Lebanon but have been living in Philly for the past 10 years.

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