Looking to start or join a "Jelly" group in Denver

Jelly meetings are a way for folks who usually work at home to get out of the house, find kindred workers to collaborate with, or simply to socialize – without having to commit to the gym-like membership setup of most coworking arrangements, where rented office spaces feel much like a traditional workplace and require a regular financial commitment beyond the means of most freelancers. Indeed, the term "office" can happily be avoided all together with Jelly. Unlike most coworking setups, Jelly exists can be only one day every week or every other week, and it's free.

More about Jelly?
Check out this article:


I don't work from home, but I'd be down to hanging with likeminded people in the area.

Hi Adam, Hailey Day here (Kevin's wife). We were just discussing how we need some "jelly" in our work lives. Maybe we can cohort.

If you guys are interested you can come on by to Creative Density this Friday for the open house done on the last Friday of each month. Creative Density is a coworking space located at 17th and Emerson, by WaterCourse Foods, that emerged out of the Jelly scene when it was at it's peak in 2007.

Hey Hailey--sure, I'm always up for collaboration. I'm sure I could gather a few people.

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