Looking for a good CPA who knows this biz

Hi DEgo board,

I'm looking to find a new CPA and/or Tax accountant (or both!). I'm looking for someone who has experience working with small firms and freelancers in the biz. A Colorado-based person/small firm would be great but willing to speak to anyone people here really love.

(and I guess "love" for a CPA might be relative)

Many thanks!


Wow no love for your bookkeeper? Or nobody here uses one? :)

Hey Smithwood,

Did you ever find a CPA and /or Tax accountant? I'm a freelancer who is new in town and am looking to use someone local.


I started working with Anna Abbott last year - she's great. A long-time Denver freelancer referred her to me and Anna definitely understands freelancing. http://www.aabbottaccounting.com/
~ Jesaka

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