Looking for Constructive criticism-- Have tons of exp, but cant get hired! Frustrating

I'm freelancing at the moment trying to make ends meet and it is a constant struggle. Here is my website/portfolio- http://www.justincredibledesign.com

I'm looking for a stable job as either an Art Director or even Graphic Artist. I'm looking for some constructive criticism for my site. Can anyone help?

I have a family to feed and maintain my faith in God to open doors for me, but I'm really discouraged and am thinking about even switching careers to be a French Fry technician at McDonald's or something...

I can be emailed at justin@justincredibledesign.com

Thanks in advance. :)


Don't get discouraged. Just keep trying, go out there and find some small businesses you want to do work with. Throw some pro-bono work out there and hope they bite. It has worked for me a lot. You might not always get high budget projects, but you'll get SOMETHING, and build a working relationship with someone. Most importantly, have fun with it and remember that it won't come easy... but it will come if you dont give up. If YOU give up, you're lessening the competition for others to get a job... so just hold out for a little while and keep going

Thanks Kennon. I'll keep at it.

FYI, the very first word of your home page's body copy is a typo. Not a great way to start the conversation with potential employer. Some little housecleaning may help the first impressions. Keep at it. You can do it.

As a Steelers fan I could also make a comment ;] hahaha just kidding with you.

Going off of what eforsyth is saying. Your site looks a little outdated and is a little incoherent and difficult to navigate. Your portfolio website speaks volumes about who you are and what you have to offer a potential employer. This is a tough business to find a job in right now and although everyone says to just keep at it, unfortunately, that's just what you have to keep doing. I went on 15 interviews and applied to well over 200 postings before I landed a gig. Put as many feelers as you can out there and eventually someone will bite. Good luck in your search, I wish you the best.

- Kevin

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