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Well first off Hey everybody! I'm fresh out of college with a brand spanking new Diploma saying I graduated with a Marketing degree!!

Now that I have that however I've been spending time doing research on a few companies, and hitting the career websites looking to move into a career. However everywhere I look everyone wants 3-5 years of experience at least. I've been getting a bit discouraged as I can't get that experience if I don't get in the industry.
I've worked the last 5 years (3 in OfficeMax and 2 in Staples) running print centers. I feel like I have a solid grasp of what looks good(I would love to be able to design print, or do PR work) but don't have the skills to actually make it on the computer.

Does anyone have any advice on where to look for new College grads, or would be willing to give a cover letter and resume a good one over?

Thanks, I'm really glad I found this site.


Welcome to the never ending pool of people just like yourself. My only advice is to do things that stand out.

That was my situation last year. I finally found a job. There is hope, albeit it seems bleak when you're mindlessly searching. All I can say is keep applying and don't worry if you don't have 3-5 years of experience. The place that hired me wanted experience too and ended up hiring me because of my portfolio.

Try searching http://www.indeed.com, http://www.andrewhudsonjoblist.com, http://www.creativehotlist.com, and of course http://www.thedenveregotist.com

Also apply to The Creative Group, http://www.thecreativegroup.com. I worked freelance jobs through them until I landed a full-time gig.

Mike: My advice --- get a good, clean portfolio site up and running. Make it easy to navigate. Recruiters or hiring managers don't have time to fiddle around trying to figure out how to move around your site. That's one of the biggest mistakes new designers make with their portfolio site. Then, only put up your best work. Don't plop everything you ever did on there. One moderately good piece could sink your chances. Don't skip over the in-house gigs when you are doing your job searches. They can be a good place to get some experience and they're usually not so stuck on the 3 - 5 years experience thing. I have done a lot of hiring of designers in the past and would totally be willing to look over your cover letter and resume. You can send it to me at tony@wobblyshop.com.


tony speaks the truth.

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