How to Stand out When Applying?

So I have a question, I have been trying to break in to the design industry full time as of recent. As in i would really love to find an entry level agency position to really cut my teeth and fine tune my skills at, while building a larger portfolio. I dont have the biggest portfolio, but quality work.

When I am applying, what are some good tips to standing out amongst the plethora of other designers applying for jobs nationwide?? Otheriwse I never get phone calls, or any correspondence back at all actually.

Thank you and Cheers!!

Nathan Lindblad


I have been looking as well after my shop closed down two weeks ago. I have had a fair amount of call backs and a few interviews. A well written and targeted cover letter and resume. Networking events helped me in the past, meeting people worked a lot better than anything else. Speaking of which, I need to start going to networking event again.


I feel your pain and perhaps I can shed some light on your situation to steer you in the right direction. First and foremost, you need experience, and A LOT of it. The amount of experience agencies are expecting even for a junior/entry level design position has been going up and will continue to go up. It doesn't matter how fresh your ideas are, or how good your portfolio is, agencies will always pick veteran designers over new recruits.

Secondly, you need a portfolio website. Yes the egotist, dribbble, and behance are all great resources and places to showcase your work. However, you must invest time, energy, and money into building as well as maintaining an actual website with a domain name and host. (i.e: Without a portfolio site, your job application will be immediately discarded as employers don't have time to search for your work online.

This should at least get you started and headed in the right direction. I wish you the best, and hope you will have a fulfilling design career.

- Kevin

Kevin, Andrew,

thank you guys for the input. I am finding it difficult, and even using recruiters for design jobs specifically it is proving ot be hard. But I am going to keep looking for projects to pick up and add to my portfolio.

Hopefully the more I do the more I will stand out in the industry.

Thanks again guys!



I think it all comes down to who you know and your personal connections, which is why most people never move out of the area in which they grow up. You have to beat the pavement, make lots of cold calls, go to workshops, networking events, and really go after things with a vengeance.

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