help! Advice to aspiring graphic designers needed for class project


For a class project I'm soliciting feedback from pros in the field (at all experience levels).

I've created a blog as a source of information for those considering graphic design as a career. I'm asking for respondents to provide a little background info and to answer the following questions:

Photo| Bio| Location|

1. Describe what your current position is and how long you have had it.
2. What is your educational background?
3. What college courses in retrospect have been the most beneficial to you?
4. What were the least beneficial?
5. Do you feel you are fairly compensated for the work you do?
6. What have you enjoyed doing the most in your career? The least?
7. Would you choose this career again if given the choice?
8. Describe a “typical” day in your professional life
9. What do you see interns/entry level designers lacking professionally?
10.What advice would you give to an entry level designer searching for their first job?

I would be very grateful for your responses and would like to add them to my blog:
You can remain anonymous if you choose.

I'm on a bit of a deadline (read: ASAP), so the sooner, the better.

Thank you!


Call me - We can go over your questions! Estes 720.663.7644

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