Gutsy Brit needs a Job and a place to live

So yeah, this is a bit of a bold move.
I'm basically leaving the UK and heading to the hills on the 18th of July.
I'm a 27yr old graphic designer and illustrator and I currently don't have a job or a house. I know what you're thinking 'What a nutcase" but hey! I know what I can handle.
So Maybe you can help? Here's my portfolio for the Job bit:
Like what you see or know of someone who might?
As for the living bit, do you (or anyone you know) have a spare room you've been thinking about renting out? Or maybe you're looking for a place too and want to 'buddy' up? I can provide references, but basically I'm prime housemate material. Sounds egotistical. But just trust me, if you like laughing, good food, a clean apartment, we'll get on.
I'll leave it there for now.
Drop me a line

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