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Hi, so just as the subject line says, who do you guys recommend? I mean, for dead on printing and great service? Someone that can do die-cuts, spot varnishing, special print requests etc.

Thanks guys and gals


Foils + Dies is killer if you're looking to get some specialty projects done. They can do just about anything, and Rob is extremely knowledgeable and one of the nicest guys you'll meet.


It seems more printers are going under than usual. With the advent of digital on today printing world and competition of discount online printers, the local printers I like working with are the ones that go the extra mile in the service area. I've been a long advocate that ink on paper is basically the same anywhere you go (give or take - it's the cost of entry).. So if 20 printers all have the same gear (traditional and digital), who to use? I use the ones with exceptional service before, during and after the sale. The printers that make things right with no hesitation.

T&R Graphics - Tom and Crawford always do a great job - plus they have one of the bigger digital presses in town that can print on both sides at the same time. Most digital printers offer 12" x 18" tops. T&R can go much larger and provide excellent hand work on finishing / mounting.

Speedpro Denver - I've enjoyed using them for banners, truckwraps, tradeshow stuff
Decent prices, good service. A little bit less expensive than a few competitors in town

Dilley Printing - Family owned and operated. John is my rep. Good guy. Goes the extra mile. Will always pick-up and drop-off our jobs in person. Personal service!

In the end, there's no one best for me.. But a collection of various vendor partners we work with for specific needs. The way things are going, perhaps, the best printers are rewarded with jobs. Hence, the best are the ones that survive.

We've used Tamera Rich Ehrman at Sprint Press for years now. Jobs are always delivered on time and they're constantly going above and beyond.

We recently switched to using Spectro after having a dispute with another printer, and have had an amazing experience, nothing but good things to say about them. Met or beat every deadline with quality products. Talk to Chris over there.

Also we've had great experiences with Tewell Warren. Michael Politano, the president, is the master of quality control, and if anything ever DOES go wrong, he goes way far out of his way to make it right.

Both printers give us consistent quality and on-time deliveries. Can't ask for much more.

Thanks, for responding. These names are good to know for myself and I am sure anyone that stumbles upon this post. I mean, without word of mouth on these people I would have never known unless by the tedious trial and error method or just calling around which is just as bad. Thanks for the recommendations so far.

D&K Printing, by far. Superior quality, consistent service, and involvement in all stages of the process, even before the project hits the shop. As a print buyer, integrity and a true interest in my work is valued. Nothing is worse than some of the sleazy sales tactics I have witnessed with the trends of this industry. D&K continues to not engage in that low ball battle, and instead stays true to what they do best.

For the last year and a half Print Matters has been my partner in printing. Don Gustafson is my rep and he is the man! I completely trust them with my projects. I not only call Don if I have questions but also when I want to try something different and it quickly becomes a creative collaboration. I can always rely on them for projects that push boundaries, I just recently finished a project that was lithography printed, letter pressed AND laser cut with a short turnaround. The result was beautiful. Give them a try:

Also, for letterpress of course Foils + Dies, those guys are craftsman and if you have never had the pleasure of meeting Rob Barnes-you are in for a treat.

If you want an awesome screen printer go with Denver Screen Printing and Embroidery, They use water-based inks and have a wide selection of t-shirts including their own line of organic cotton tees. Ron Katz started the shop long before screen printing became such a huge trend not only he is one of the coolest cats to work with, he is all about quality control.

Nat'l Teleprinting downtown caters to same day and small runs for flyers and other promos that need an ultra fast turnaround. This has helped with our (very often last minute) clients in the restaurant business. Pricing is competitive.

If you have a week and want to mark up the cost to your clients, has the cheapest rates I've ever found. Depending on what your commitment level is - you can pay an extra monthly premium and get even cheaper rates. They are only open to trade accounts - so this will protect you from your clients going direct. You can also have them dropship materials to your clients which saves a trip for you or your client.

I've had good experiences with Lange Graphics.

I'll second D&K, they do good work. Also, if you have a larger project, Publication Printers is a fantastic printer to work with. In The Springs, Kanet, Pol & Bridges does smaller stuff well.

We have been working on addressing this very thing for an embarrassingly long time now and it is not as innocent of a question as it initially seems. As a matter of fact it's a bait-shop-sized bucket of worms.

There are two simple answers to this question:

Where most people are coming from is a long-standing and proven relationship with a printer. A partnership. All the work, at least the important work, goes to that printer because they have proven over time that they can deliver (on time, on budget, exceed quality standards, etc.) This is a great position to be in with a printer, but it takes time to establish and some trial and error (hopefully shy on the error side).

There is another approach which is working with printers who meet the production needs of your project, and do so exceptionally. But it's the deliverable of the project that determines which printer to use. As in the same printer you use to print 100, one-color business cards is not the same as the printer you print a 500k, six-color, product brochure project with. However, this approach takes a lot of research, time spent really getting to know your printer reps and having very honest conversations about capabilities.

Okay, we lied. There's three. Combine one and two where you have a tiered level of printer partners to meet the range of capabilities and deliverables. This is the best place to be but it takes the time investment of both to get there.

As an individual, even as a company, you also need to determine what kind of partnership you want with a printer. Establish your expectations and be honest about them. Do you want to hand over your mess of a file and expect to see a beautifully finished piece (as in completely hands-off printing). Or are you going to work with your printers as partner and be involved in the production end of our industry to create truly exceptional work. Where printing a single piece involves many conversations and meetings with your printer (production meetings, reviewing samples, proofs, press okays, etc). Or are you somewhere in the middle. Keep in mind that printers that are really good at one end of the spectrum may not necessarily be a good match for someone on the other end of the spectrum.

At the end of the day it should be a personal relationship, not just a client/vendor one. Watch for more on this subject from us.

I'll second National Teleprinting. have used them often over the past few years for flyers, promo postcards, and things of that sort. Joe is the guy to talk to!

Denver offers great same day printing on business cards and posters, and pretty good pricing too.

I really like Yellow Dog Printing. they do outstanding work.

If you need affordable die cuts, printed die cuts, and other sticker related products you should checkout these guys:

Another company I use for my printing needs is Vango Graphics. I have used them for greeting cards, catalogs, and business cards. They turn jobs around very fast and are easy to work with.

I second Tewell Warren, D&K and Sprint. All three have been excellent partners in turning out great projects.

SHILL WARNING: This is my company.

We (Denver Print Company) are pretty awesome. Good, consistent prices and quality creative direction all in one. We're super competitive on a wide range or products from business cards to banners and definitely beat the pants off Signorama or Kinkos any day of the week.

What exactly do you need? We do everything from basic vinyl cuts and paper prints, to large wall murals and embedded acrylic art.

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