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I'd love to start following some Colorado designers and artists.

Here's me: http://dribbble.com/whoatotally.



nice to see a fellow dribble member from Colorado Springs

For sure! I always appreciate meeting other designers in the local area. Cheers!

@KevinHepworth & @ryanpickard, I just liked some of your work on dribbble!

It should show up in your activity list, but, if not, this is meeeeee: http://dribbble.com/drawnn

A little late to the party but here you go:


Also if your interested in meetups I'm a co-organizer of Refresh Denver We host monthly speaking events with some of the best talent around the state. It's a great way learn, network and grow—all while enjoying free beer & food.

Come check it out.


Good to meet fellow dribbblers on the egotists here!

My Dribbble


Does anyone have an invite to dribble they would be willing to provide me?

Would also love a dribble invite!

I'd recommend searching "invite" on Dribbble and submitting your portfolio to someone with invites available. That's how I received mine.

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