dream team. lets make one.

Lone copy writer seeks talented and fresh art director to collaborate on making the most kickass book anyone has ever seen.

Here's the skinny, I am working on my book and my book is pretty damn good, but I want it to be the pretty damn best. I'm in the process of getting some awesome advice from agencies and getting my foot in the door but what I really need is an art director.

So my fresh, lovely, talented and jobless AD's in the Denver Metro Area....where are you? Lets make some sweet sweet advertising.

--Sarah D.


Hi Sarah,

I'd be interested in learning more. I currently work full-time as a Art Director / Designer but I'm looking for more freelance opportunities. I just joined the Egotist so I haven't posted work yet but hope to soon. Give me a shout if you want to talk - todd@sasquatchdesign.com

Hi Sarah,
I am a full time freelance designer who has been in the publishing design industry for 16 years. I have done all aspects of design for publications. Would love to discuss your project and make connections here in Denver as I am new to the area and building a client base. Check out my profile on Ego or at www.augustdesignofmaine.com.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to collaborating with you soon.

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