Does my Denver reel suck?

I hate it. Can any solid Denver designers lend an eye?

I just rebranded myself with a new logo, but other than that...


I don't know about the reel, since i'm not a motion graphics designer, but I don't love the logo.

I also think the color choices are a bit poor. everything vibrates too much off your background color, and it looks quite dated.

Your font choice is nice, I'm not a fan of the hard lines in your logo and then the round accents in the layout. I agree that the colors vibrant quite a bit, I would tone down the saturation and gray them up some. Also, it wouldn't hurt create a little separation on the page. Everything feels a little thrown on.

As far as the real is concerned, I'd like to see more movement in displaying the pieces, maybe using more than one screen at different places in the span of the spot. Additionally, it's crucial that your branding throughout your reel be to date with the branding on your page. Updating one without updating the other could confuse people.

I guess I would say that the elements take to long to develop. Nice movement and nice composition but some of these moves take almost two seconds to resolve. Think 7 to 15 frames instead of one or two seconds. You do however get extra credit for using the Beastie Boys!

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