Digital production studio from Buenos Aires seeking Denver based agencies for development partnership

Good afternoon!

My name is Shannon Salazar, and I represent a digital production studio with five years experience developing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We've partnered with some great brands here in Buenos Aires, and we're hoping to offer the same finely crafted digital products to a partner in the Denver area.

My sister's due to have a baby next week, so I will be in town visiting Denver for a couple weeks. I would love to use this time as a chance to meet with some creative/ advertising agencies, share more about our capabilities and how we might be an ideal digital development partner.

Check out our site and portfolio at:
(In Spanish, English site to be launched soon!)

Please contact me at (773) 236-7426 or

Saludos, Shannon Salazar



A friend and former colleague does great work at his firm - Fireant Studio ( His name is Bob Roman...highly recommended. Hope this helps and safe travels.


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