Design contest or spec work?

Rocky Mountain National Park is currently holding a contest to design their 100th Anniversary Logo and at first I was interested in entering, but now am wondering if this falls into the category of spec work. Although they are a non-profit, they could still make money off of that work and you relinquish all rights to your work when you submit (regardless of whether or not they choose your design).

Here's a link for information:

What are other people's thoughts on this?


I'd say this definitely falls under the realm of blatant spec work. While it is a non-profit, they're asking an awful lot out of the contest: style guide AND brand standards with the logo design. That is a whole separate part of the job, and this isn't just a logo contest. It's a full-on request for a free identity.

Keep away from this. Smells like spec work to me.

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