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I'm a copywriter specializing in digital, print, SEO, and social media. I'm looking for work in my field as I've spent the last two years under-employed in Richmond, VA (lots of individual freelance projects, but not enough to make a real living on). The Martin Agency has flooded our market here with tons of out of work ad and marketing folks and it's so hard to get a job that many of them are banding together and working as impromptu agencies themselves. Since I never worked at Martin, I'm not in the club. So I am committing to seeking work out-of-state.

I'm writing here to see if anyone in the Denver community knows of any openings for a Jr. to Mid level copywriter, social media manager, or SEO specialist. I've done a lot of searching for individual companies online, but am getting mixed results.

Thanks for your time and any info you can contribute.


Are you interested in taking on a freelance copywriting assignment? We are building our new website and need it proofed for for grammar, spelling, and consistency of voice and tone. I am also looking for someone reliable that we feel comfortable referring our clients to.

I look forward to your reply.


Kurt Whitt
Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist
Planet Media, LLC

303-295-1402 or 800- 495-0742 Studio

Eco-Friendly, Digital Media Production

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