Cheesy movie lines

So I watched this youtube comp...of the "cheesiest movie lines." It got me thinking, and in a weird way, feeling. Which is strange, I've been so comfortable going through life with little or no emotional responses. So this is the movie...

And, this is my response....

Some of these lines are cheesy, yes, I'll admit it. But, some of these lines tear at your heartstrings...and you actually feel something while watching them, and we're too cool to admit it. Shit, we all pretend like we're all too cool to let a scene into our heart and affect us, but it still does. Its like talking baby talk to your lady or man...yeah it's cheesy I guess, but that's what you remember. You always remember those times, those nicknames. For a guy, these are the things you don't tell your "man up" and say yeah...I got some. But, you leave the part out where you were snuggling afterwards and you called her "pussy crusties," and she said you'll always be my "boner." So, some of these scenes make us feel uncomfortable...or cheesy...or whatever. But, I believe that some of these scenes make us feel that way because it hits too close to home. Somehow it penetrates the walls and gets us at our most vulnerable self. We could all laugh it off at the time, but we all lay at night and think about such times. It's these times where people let their guards down, it's these times where people are real, it's these times where someone says, "this is my heart, this is me, do what you will," and it makes us uncomfortable. But these times, these are the times where we truly love, where we truly live, where we are truly human and honest. These are the times that make up our lives.

This is what I felt afterwards...we should all pay attention. This "heart" stuff still works. We could sell ketchup popsicles to a woman in a white dress with this stuff.


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