Cactus Art Director Internship

This is a joke. Right? If not they are a joke. If Art Directors are college seniors or recent grads who are the Jr Designers high school kids.


ha. i saw that too & I was like wtf? only thing is maybe it's a temp to hire? and they're paying art director level for a rockstar with low experience? but yeah not really the way to go about it. although now that i think about it i do know of a few art director that could probably use a good internship :)

Hi Nickn, are those art directors you know still employed at Cactus? :-) I did see some work done by Cactus that will not pass mustard in my GD 1001 (dark blue text on back background)

There is a shop in Boulder with 5 art directors and 3 designers. Maybe 2012 is the year of the Art Director.


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