Best School to take Web Classes?

I'm not looking for a new degree. I've been a Designer for 15 years, and unfortunately for me I got stuck in the world of print.

Well as many of us are finding out, years of experience, creativity, attention to typography, and the ability to concept just don't cut it anymore. We need to walk on water as well and program, or at least lie about it really well. (I suck at lying, and yah I'm in advertising)

I am researching taking classes to get better suited for the web/mobile design world. I am looking for a place that teaches doing things right. I already know how to make web pages wrong. Is there such a school that will teach to working industry standards?


If you haven't already found it and for a free education on all things interactive, desktop to mobile I'd suggest starting with A List Apart. The site has everything from tutorials to articles covering all aspects of working in the digital sandbox.

If you want to add front-end development to your stack of skills I'd recommend starting with the tutorials. They'll walk you through the basics and give you a firm foundation. Some of the best front-end developers I know never took classes, they were pretty much self-taught and were not afraid to create sites the "wrong way" so they could teach themselves how to build stellar online experiences.

In terms of schools, I'd recommend taking classes that will give you a solid foundation in understanding how to craft digital from concept and strategy through development and deployment. RMCAD and Art Institute offer interactive courses for working professionals, I've also heard good things about Boulder Digital Works. I've found personally that dedicated self-study and research can go a long way. Best of luck!

Red Rocks offers courses at the cheapest rate around, though the classes can be hit and miss. It's twenty-some dollars a month for fairly extensive video courses on lots of subjects. It's mostly geared toward the tools rather than theory so it sounds like it will be right up your alley.
(I just wanted to make it easier to access.)

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