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Hey guys, I'm a recent college graduate and I'm moving out of my home city/state for the first time in my life! Scary stuff... I was just wondering if you could provide some good places to meet people in creative fields. I've lived in Orland for the past 25 years so I have a huge support net here but I don't know a single soul in Denver. So, where do you guys hang out? What are the happening galleries and events? Any tips for a newcomer?

Thanks for you input!


You could take some acting classes, art classes or join a public speaking group.

First Friday of the month is the Sante Fe artwalk
- the entire street has galleries open with wine and appetizers and it's really casual
- also in the Rhino district they have galleries open the first Friday but it's in a different area in Denver
First Saturday of the month the DAM (Denver Art Museum) is free!
And I hear our contemporary art museum is awesome though I haven't had the chance to visit it yet.

For how small Boulder is, it is PACKED with design agencies so I'm sure any bar up there will introduce you to designers. And it's gorgeous so you'll at least enjoy the view. Other than that, the Highlands (NW of Denver across I-25) is a pretty trendy area and will put you in good company. Hope that helps! Welcome to Colorado!

I would also check out Meetup for some groups. I moved here in April and didn't know anyone but I joined a coworking space and went to several Meetup groups that peeked my interest. It was a great way to meet people.

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